Excellence in Dairy Production, from Farm to Market

As a farmer owned co-operative, our mission is to ensure that as many dairy farmers as possible will benefit from our developments – thereby promoting our rural communities while serving our valued customers with the finest dairy products and services.

Using naturally produced milk from high quality farms, North Cork Creameries offers a portfolio of excellent dairy products manufactured to the highest international standards including butter, caseins and milk powders.

Our region’s temperate climate and plentiful rainfall enables almost year round outdoor grazing for cows.

Our farmer members come from generations of milk producers supplying their produce to North Cork Creameries.  Through expert animal husbandry, their naturally grass fed herds supply milk of the highest quality and creaminess.

Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme

Our participation in Ireland’s national Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme places us at the forefront of dairy farming practice.  And it extends across our processing operations to include energy efficiency and environmental sustainability where our Grass based production also ensures a low carbon footprint..

We operate a rigorous testing regime  - for all elements of milk composition from cow to the finished product – ensuring that there is full traceability of our dairy products, from farm to market.