Surrounded by a beautiful green countryside, North Cork Creameries is an independent, farmer owned Co-operative Society situated in a historically strong and vibrant dairying region in the heart of Duhallow, in rural north County Cork, Ireland.

The business and operations of the co-operative have been headquartered in Kanturk, Co. Cork, since its foundation in 1928.

Our guiding principles are still today the same as those of the original founders of the Irish Co-operative movement – Better Farming, Better Business, Better Living. Today, these ideals have a resounding modern purpose in our achievement of sustainable dairying, economic and commercial progress and corporate responsibility as we work in partnership with the stakeholders on whom our business success depends.

Collected from the farms of our high quality milk suppliers, we process over 315 million equivalent whole milk litres of pasture produced milk annually in state of the art manufacturing facilities offering high levels of efficiency and flexibility. Our milk is converted into a range of value-added, quality dairy products for home and export markets, including Casein Powders, Whey Powders Skim Milk Powders, Buttermilk Powders, Butter and a range of Liquid Milk and Cream products.

Meeting Market Requirements

Strategic foresight combined with sound investments, an economically advantageous product mix, plant versatility and the skills of our people contribute to our overall success.

The customer is at the centre of everything we do.  Continuous technological innovation, research and development has yielded products with excellent functional and microbiological properties.   This has been a major factor in our success, enabling products to be manufactured to the most exacting customer needs and requirements.

North Cork Creameries operates one of the most modern and efficient milk drying facilities in Ireland.

A newly commissioned spray dryer produces very high quality milk powders with fine, free flowing consistency and excellent functionality for food manufacturing.

Ornua, the Irish Dairy Board, which markets dairy produce for many of Ireland’s leading dairy processors, is a major customer for our powders and butter products.

We offer a wide range of Milk Powder variants including Skim and Sweet Whey Powder.  Separately, in our Casein production plant, we combine the enzyme Rennet with skim milk. Casein protein is then separated from the whey and dried on the Ring Dryer.  Automated robotic bagging ensures the maximum possible efficiency in the production process.

Our Food Ingredients Division also processes the cream separated from the milk to manufacture Butter of the finest natural quality, texture and taste. We supply a range of specialist butters including Whey Butter which we export to various markets worldwide.

Our Retail Products Division collects, pasteurises and supplies liquid milk to leading retailers. Pasture produced from local farms, our milk is renowned for its deliciously refreshing taste and quality. We provide our retail customers with branded and own label milk in a variety of formats.

North Cork Creameries also provides branded butter for retail consumers, retailers own label butter and delightfully fresh dairy cream. We are also a leading supplier of butter to the internationally renowned Kerrygold brand.

North Cork Creameies has achieved BRC (Grade A) accreditation in addition to internationally recognised I.S. EN ISO 9002 standards and is in the process of achieving I.S. EN ISO: 22000.  This core commitment to quality is reflected in North Cork Creameries’ ability to manufacture premium value added products and is a key element in our success at home and abroad.

A continuous programme of research and development ensures that North Cork Creameries keeps pace with technological change, enabling us to adapt quickly to changing market need.

Our business success is driven by meeting our customer needs worldwide. Supplying international markets with world class dairy products and an excellent logistics capability, we are a flexible organisation which can respond quickly to the bespoke needs of our customers.

Overall, our business is supported by state of the art information technology, lean manufacturing practices and a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Through our organisation-wide commitment to quality, innovation and efficient milk processing, we are ready to provide high value niche dairy products for all food manufacturing applications.

In our Agribusiness Division, our Trading and Stores outlets provide a range of feeds and farm inputs, supporting the rural community and our co-operative members and milk suppliers.

North Cork Creameries is proud of the contribution we make throughout our community along with our positive impact on the regional and national economy as a leading Irish dairy industry player.

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