Our Product Range

Using naturally produced milk from high quality farms, North Cork Creameries offers a portfolio of excellent dairy products manufactured to the highest international standards including butter, caseins and milk powders.

Food Ingredients

North Cork Creameries operates one of the most modern and efficient milk drying facilities in Ireland.  A newly commissioned spray dryer produces very high quality milk powders with fine, free flowing consistency and excellent functionality for food manufacturing.

High quality milk is spray dried into a range of powder varieties and then transferred to storage silos where it is bagged using robotic facilities and dispatched worldwide.

Ornua (The Irish Dairy Board), which markets dairy produce for many of Ireland’s leading dairy processors, is a major customer for our powders and butter products.

We offer a wide range of Milk Powder variants.

In our Casein production plant, we combine the enzyme Rennet with skim milk. The Casein protein is then separated from the whey and dried on the Ring Dryer.

Automated robotic bagging ensures the maximum possible efficiency in the production process.

Our Food Ingredients Division also processes the cream separated from the milk to manufacture Butter of the finest natural quality, texture and taste. We supply a range of specialist butters including Whey Butter which we export to various markets worldwide.


Our Retail Products Division collects, pasteurises and supplies liquid milk to leading retailers. Pasture produced from local farms, our milk is renowned for its deliciously refreshing taste and quality. We provide our retail customers with branded and own label milk in a variety of formats.

North Cork Creameries also provides branded butter for retail consumers, retailers own label butter and delightfully fresh dairy cream.

We are also a leading supplier of butter to the internationally renowned Kerrygold brand.

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