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Everyone needs advice and support from time to time. North Cork Creameries Agribusiness Division is here to help and advise you on all your dairy farming requirements with experts who understand your business needs.

Our Mission is to optimise the growth and profitability of our co-operative’s stakeholders and milk suppliers by providing them with first class technical advice and support combined with high quality, competitively priced farm inputs and excellent customer service.

With an emphasis on the long term sustainability of our dairy farming enterprise, our expert team provides technical advice and support with specific reference to animal nutrition, welfare and the environment.

This is provided across two main areas:

Our Agribusiness Support Framework

Technical, advisory and extension services for the entire supplier base to maximise on-farm efficiencies. This is achieved  through the application of management information systems, improved grassland management practices and specialist nutrition services to optimise production of milk solids.

The Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme

SDAS Programme - Support and advice delivered to ensure all suppliers comply with legislative and customer requirements. 

For more information on the SDAS audit system, please contact Darren Deasy on 029 50003/0858595399 or

Within the above Support Framework and Scheme, we provide advice, products and support on the following:

Milk Quality

  • The production of milk at Farm level to the highest international quality standards (allowing North Cork Creameries to guarantee the quality, traceability and reliability of all our products in the markets we serve).
  • The key to producing quality milk is to have the correct information, make the right decisions and carry out the recommended actions correctly. The team at North Cork Creameries are available to help each milk producer to meet these quality conditions.
  • The quality standards and payment structures for all milk purchased are outlined in the ‘conditions of purchase’ booklet which we circulate to all milk suppliers.

1. Total Bacteria Count (TBC) - Each of our milk supplier’s milk is tested for TBC’s with payment dependent on a TBC grading.

2. Somatic Cell Count (SCC) - All milk is tested for SCC with payment dependent on a SCC grading.

3. Other milk supply tests - Other milk tests include temperature, lactose, thermoduric bacteria, added water, inhibitors & residues.

North Cork Creameries are stockists of a broad range of detergents and teat-dips.

For further information on North Cork Creameries’ milk quality requirements please contact Darren Deasy on 029 50003/0858595399 or

Soil Fertility

  • We provide a soil analysis service for our customers combined with technical advice to make informed farm management decisions.
  • Steps to soil fertility management

1. Soil test - Lime requirement, P&K, Mg & trace elements.
2. Soil Ph - Optimum Ph for grassland (6.3)
3. Index 3 Target = All soils index 3 for P&K
4. Slurry - Majority of the value is in P&K
5. Balance - Nutrient in shortest supply limits yield


  • We offer a complete range of chemical fertilisers that cover all types of farming enterprises including Grassland, Cereals, Beet, Maize and Potatoes.

Animal Feeds

  • We provide a range of high performance Animal Feeds including Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Calf, Horse and Poultry.
  • Our team will give you advice on any matter relating to animal nutrition (SARA, dry cow body conditioning, feeding the replacement heifer, feeding and balancing spring grass and nutritional disorders, among others).


  • Grass Seeds

1. North Cork Premium Gold + Clover
2. North Cork Heavy Land mix
3. North Cork Grazing & Silage

  •  Tillage Seeds

1. North Cork Creameries are stockists of the following tillage seeds - Barley, Wheat, Oats, Peas, Beans, Maize, Sugar & Fodder Beet, Fodder rape and Kale seed


  • North Cork Creameries are stockists of a full range of Grassland pesticides. All pesticides have different attributes with some more broad-spectrum than others. Our team will be more than happy to give you advice on the pesticide best suited to your needs.
  • A full range of Tillage Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides available.
  • Our Farm Advisory Service have extensive knowledge in agronomy and crop management in both the Grassland and Tillage sectors.
  • Our team are IASIS qualified (Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards) as Pesticide advisors and distributors and are available to deal with any technical queries you may have.


  • We stock a broad range of non-prescription animal medicines.

On-line Services

  • Our Online Self Service facility allows customers and milk suppliers to access their current and historic trading and milk performance.

If you wish to use this service please contact Eileen McSweeney on 029 50003 or

To find out more about the advisory services available please contact Darren Deasy on 029 50003/085895399 or

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