Our Food Ingredients Division processes the pure cream separated from our high quality milk to make butter of the finest natural quality, texture and taste.

We supply a range of specialist butters which we export to various markets worldwide.

Whey Butter (Bulk)

Whey butter is produced by a churning process from pasteurised whey cream and packaged into 25kg cases.  It is a truly versatile and expertly manufactured dairy product which can be used widely within the bakery sector.

Sweet Cream Butter (Bulk)

Containing only natural ingredients and made with over 80 years of manufacturing experience.  A creamy butter with smooth texture manufactured from the highest quality locally produced milk through a gradual churning process. 

Given the nature and high quality of this product it can be used in a wide range of areas including the baking industry,  the manufacture of chocolate and confectionery and a myriad of culinary applications.

Available in salted and unsalted forms in a 25kg pack.

North Cork Creameries is also a leading supplier of butter to the internationally renowned Kerrygold brand.